Thursday, 1 September 2011

Walk In The Park

Went for a quick walk through the park today (actually I went for a run and then went back and got my camera) and took some shots on my way into town. I tend to avoid the park even though we live right next to it just because I always seem to get eaten alive by mosquitoes. Today I think I came away unscathed, which is a miracle. But I do like the park, especially going around to the pond area and watching the turtles and frogs and little fishes just doing their thing, leaping in and out of the water, climbing on top of each other and forming turtle pyramids! I am still yet to get a picture of the amazing squirrels that run around the park and up the trees - they are quick little things that manage to get away on me every time before I can get my camera set. The last picture is of a lonely lantern that I spotted caught way up amongst the tree branches and most probably from Tuesday night's Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations in Chinatown.

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