Monday, 12 September 2011

Outfit | Olive Green

Wore this outfit out yesterday as we wandered around Hongdae. Actually, I left the hotel room in a pair of shorts but I didn't feel at all comfortable with what I was wearing so I went into a little shop, bought this olive green skirt and changed into it straight away! Whenever I'm not completely happy with how I look or what I'm wearing, it puts me in an irritable or just a not-so-good mood so I have do something about it. And that usually involves changing into something new. It's a bit like when I have a bad hair day, I have to fix it! I'm wearing a skirt from a boutique in Hongdae, Comme Ca Ism scarf from Tokyo, Converse shoes and a self-made top which I quickly made the same night that we left for Seoul! 


  1. Doesn't your feet hurt after you wear tights and Converses? I wore them once with some adidas sneakers and it hurt like crazy.

    But lovely skirt btw, wish I can snag a piece like that! Most "olive green" skirts are actually in an ugly shade of army green :(

  2. Thanks! And feet were fine, Converse are the most comfy shoes ever!

  3. I love this outfit!! You look great! :)