Thursday, 8 September 2011

Outfit | Fire Engine Red

Wore this out today and I must say I'm loving the weather in Seoul. It's nice to walk around in the sun without being stinkin hot and having a nice cool breeze at the same time. We spent the day out in Hongdae, a big area filled with little back streets and lots of cafes, bars, restaurants and boutiques. Hongdae is actually short for Hongik University which is well known for it's Fine Arts and Design departments. The style here is pretty cool and people are making the transition from summer into fall - managed to get quite a few photos that I'll be posting up on Style Sophomore soon!

I'm wearing a top that I bought from Petaling Jaya, Gap blazer, self-made pants and converse shoes. I actually just finished making these pants on Tuesday night, a couple of hours before we left the house and taxi'd to the airport to get our flight up to Seoul. It was cutting it a bit fine and after several attempts to get the waistband to fit right, I got them finished in time! Gonna rest for a bit and then go out and find a nice Korean restaurant for dinner. Or In James' case, a Korean restaurant with a burger place attached to it!


  1. I love your shirt! And red pants, wonder why people shun the color red! You look really good in them.

  2. Thanks Amanda! Must admit that I've never worn pants so bright before but now I want to make more!