Saturday, 10 September 2011

Outfit | Striped

We went to check out Garosugil in Sinsa-dong today but it was drizzling for most of the afternoon and we spent some time just sitting in a quiet cafe waiting for the rain to ease off. Garosugil St is supposed to be the new hip area of Seoul, there were a lot of cafes and restaurants (which seems to be the case everywhere we've been so far in Seoul!), and there were more high end boutiques and shops. Went for a quick walk around and then got on the subway and headed back to Hongdae to get some more street style photos while the rain stayed away.

I'm wearing a top that I bought from a boutique in Hongdae (had to buy yesterday as I no longer own any slightly warmish clothing), Uniqlo pants and belt, and my trusty Converse shoes. I have such mega eye bags in this picture, still don't think I've recovered from our 1am flight the other morning. I feel like I need one more decent sleep and I'll be right for tomorrow!

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