Friday, 23 September 2011

Nomads Nomads

I actually don't think we're capable of staying put in one place for longer than 1-2 years and right about now, it's got to the point where we just gotta get out of this place! I can't wait to leave this boxy apartment, but at the same time it's been an experience. The things I look forward to next though, is having a bathroom and having a kitchen that at least comes with running hot water. Even when we do have a proper kitchen, I'll probably still boil water to do the washing up, it's just become habit now!

We're in the midst of going through our belongings and either boxing up stuff to keep, selling off things we think are worth selling and chucking the rest. Most of it, new and used, has ended up down the rubbish shoot just cos that seems like the easier option for getting rid of things!

In four and a bit weeks, we're off to Taipei to live for a month and I'm so ready for it! Bring on the Taiwanese street food, bubble tea, cooler temperatures, smiley people and super cool cafe culture! And then after that, 7 more weeks in Singapore (with a couple of short trips in between) and then who knows where next?! (That's a lot of exclamation marks but I am pretty excited about it all!)

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