Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Guys Guys Guys

Some inspiration.... from the guys and for the guys. I often look to guys' style for inspiration especially when I go to places like Bangkok, Seoul and Tokyo. The guys there are noticeably very well dressed and it seems like they are more comfortable with their style. Here are some of my favourite guy shots that I've taken for Style Sophomore. They're all from either Bangkok and Seoul and are good examples of how guys should dress and look really stylish too!

I think more guys should wear stripes. They're easy to match with other items, and can be dressed up and down, worn on their own or under a nice blazer. 

Put on a pair of classic sunnies that suit your face shape and you're good to go! I hardly ever see people wearing sunnies in Singapore which kind of goes against the whole "Sunny Singapore". It must be because they just hang out in the malls and rarely go outside?

You can't really go wrong with a pair of jeans and a jacket/blazer. Well, you could, but these guys show how to pair the two to create a smart casual look. I like that term "smart casual" and I use it quite a lot! - it's kind of that in between style that looks great no matter what time of day. 

And lastly... Shoes! They either make or break an outfit and that's what I pay a lot of attention to when people-watching on the streets. Notice how in all these pictures, the shoes complete and compliment the rest of the outfit? 

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