Thursday, 15 September 2011

Seoul's Indie Cafe Culture

I was so amazed by the staggering number of cafes and coffee shops that we saw in every area we visited in Seoul. They have all the international chains as well as a number of good multi story local chains, but what was pleasing to see was so many little independent cafes and little streets just filled with them! A lot of them did only serve coffee and cakes, but still we never had to look far for a quick caffeine fix in a relaxed atmosphere next to the street where we could sit and people-watch!

Seoul is the sort of place we could and most likely will live in for a few months just because they have the sort of cafe culture that we really enjoy. And with stylish people, lots of little neighbourhood areas and amazing food, we don't need much more!


  1. I also have the exact sentiments! Seoul has so many restaurants, cafes and boutiques that I love and a great place to people watch.

    Tokyo and Seoul are quite similar but do you prefer Tokyo or Seoul? Having been to so many countries, which country's your favourite in terms of style, etc?

  2. Hi Chloe,

    I think Seoul is my new favourite for style, food, people watching, cafes and it's not as expensive as Tokyo. But in terms of style, Seoul, Tokyo and Taiepi are all pretty cool. Going to live in Taipei for 1 month so that should be interesting :)