Friday, 30 September 2011

Colour Inspiration

Nothing like a little bit of bold colour inspiration for a Friday afternoon. These shots are taken from an editorial in the September issue of Vogue China, featuring Hyoni Kang and photographed by Lincoln Pilcher. I was pretty wow'd by this editorial when I first say it, partly cos the shots and styling are both amazing, but also because you just don't see this colour everyday, especially on Asians.

 Source: Vogue China, September 2011

It was just the other day when I was thinking about the differences between Asian and Western fashion and one of the things that came to mind was the choice in colours. I reckon westerners are not as afraid to wear more of the bold, loud and bright colours, while Asians tend to steer more towards autumn, muted, toned down colours like your mustard yellows, browns and neutrals. It's not so much that western people don't wear these colours also, but more that they're not afraid of wearing colours head to toe that really make them stand out. I'm sure lots would disagree but that's just what I think after noticing colour trends in cities like Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok and Tokyo. Yep and even Tokyo, you may think that the style in Tokyo is all just the loud and bright Harajuku style, but if you actually go there, you'll see that the outrageous style represents probably only about 1% of what you actually see on the streets. So, back to the editorial. What colour are you? 

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