Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Light Layers

Yeah, it is hot and humid in Singapore and there's no denying it. After 20 months of living here, we haven't got used to it, we don't think we ever will get used to it, and have learnt that we just have to deal with it while we're here. I ditched the jeans a long time ago, I've made myself more pairs of shorts and pants out of light fabrics, and I have learnt to let my face and skin breathe without attempting to clog it up with makeup or any products.

It will always be hot (or at least humid) and there will always be people who will use that as an excuse for not having style. Something that I'll never understand is when people complain so much about the weather but then you go out and see skin-tight jeans and leggings everywhere! There are people though, who know how to dress for the weather without comprising their style. I think it's all about wearing light layers and wearing natural fabrics such as cotton that breathe easily. So, from the streets of Singapore, some inspiration on how to create a cool everyday look with light layers.

Source: Style Sophomore, La Mode Outré

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