Sunday, 21 August 2011

Outfit | In PJ For The Day

It's quite funny that we went to KL and back yesterday just to go to a market and get photos. A lot of people would pobably think that we are quite nuts! We basically flew up to KL airport, arrived there at 10:30am, taxi'd out to Petaling Jaya (PJ), spent about 6 hours at Jaya One Markets, left KL at 10:30pm and touched back down in Singapore just before midnight. It was really worth it, there was a good turnout, the markets were in a great location surrounded by loads of resturants and cafes and I managed to get a whole bunch of street style photos. It was actually quite a well curated market where the organizers handpicked the vendors so it was all boutiques and blogshops selling new and vintage stuff. And the people there, especially the malays, were all so friendly and I had no problems with asking people for photographs (in fact, both James and I had nobody who said no to getting their photo taken!). Everyone was really happy and and it was just big smiles all round!

Wore this yesterday but the blazer didn't last very long as it got hot pretty fast running around getting photographs. I'm wearing a Gap blazer, Femmex top, Uniqlo pants and belt, shoes from Tokyo and bag fom Taipei. Back in Singapore for two and a bit weeks and then we head to Seoul for 6 days. It will be our very first time in Seoul so I'm pretty excited about it!

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