Saturday, 13 August 2011

Outfit | Green Stripes

Wore this out today. I made the top in the morning and it was actually really quick to make, it is probably the most basic of tops - just four seams and I was done! I wanted to leave the edges raw and unfinished which is what I like with cotton knits because you get the nice curled under edges as soon as the fabric gets worn, plus you don't have to worry about fraying with knits. I sound like a really lazy sewer but I never like a too polished or neatly finished top when it's meant to be more of a casual, throw it on sort of top. Today we sat in a cafe for awhile, went and had a look at a couple of exhibitions and then headed down to see what Haji Lane was like (very much the same as what we did last Saturday!) I'm wearing Gap pants, Uniqlo belt, shoes from Tokyo. 

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