Friday, 19 August 2011

Boy Meets Girl

Source: Vogue China, August 2011

Sometimes when I think about the way I dress, I often think it's a bit boyish, not as in tom-boyish or androgynous, but it's just not girly or very ladylike haha! I don't often wear dresses or skirts, I never wear heels, don't like florals, and I can't stand anything that is frilly or lacey or puffy. Instead, I love things like shirts, blazers, pants, loafers etc and I wish the weather allowed me to wear a lot more of these things and wear them comfortably!

It was actually quite interesting when we went to Tokyo last month because I wasn't that interested in what the girls were wearing but I was so inspired by the way the guys dressed there. It was so my kind of style and all very french inspired, so a lot of stripes, whites, navies, and neutral colours. I wish I took photos but there's always next time! 

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