Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Finished Shirt!

Got James to pose for me this afternoon while I took a few shots of him wearing the shirt that I made. He hates having his photo taken and he did suggest that I just take a picture of it on the hanger but that wasn't going to happen! I'm actually pretty happy with how the shirt turned out and it's probably one of the more time consuming pieces I have made. At times I felt like I would never get it finished and it took some time to get the cut exactly right, but I think I now have a pattern (or close enough) for me to make another. 

This first one is made out of light Japanese cotton and I think the colour suits just perfectly. One more shirt to make and that's going to be using Egyptian cotton so I can't stuff that one up! Just need to build up enough courage to get started on it. And the fact that I can make a perfectly fitted shirt and save around $80-$100 (what it would usually be the minimum cost to get one tailor-made or bought) makes it all worth it in the end.

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