Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tailor Making

Started on another shirt for James and, minor frustrations aside, it's actually quite enjoyable making shirts and seeing the little components of it all come together. This one's a light grey and made of a soft Egyptian cotton that we bought in Bangkok. I'm about three-quarters done, just need to do the cuffs, finish the hem, sew the button holes and attach all the buttons. Aim to have it finished before we leave tomorrow which should be easy unless something goes drastically wrong and it ends up down the rubbish shoot before then. Let's hope not!


  1. I think you've done a phenomenal job (again)!

  2. Thanks Gideeeon! Still making changes to my freehand pattern hah! Looking forward to your new clothing line launching :)

  3. i'm so jealous of people who can sew such a neat shirt! my first (& final) attempt ended up with uneven hems :/ haha what's your secret! :)

  4. Thanks somekindabeautiful!

    This is the second shirt I've made and I'm still making alterations to the pattern as I go. I guess you just gotta keep practicing and don't let the first attempt put you off!