Monday, 10 October 2011

Outfit | Black & All Blacks!

I've always loved the whole dresses with converse look, it's such an easy and comfortable style. Wore this out yesterday while we went into town to do a bit of shopping and watch the quarter final matches of the Rugby World Cup. We caught the last of the first game between South Africa and Australia which I was both happy and gutted with the result - I don't like to see Australia win when it comes to any sport, but on the other hand, the rivalry that comes with a NZ vs Australia match-up is always exciting. Then we watched the All Blacks game which I found hard to get into. It seemed like the All Blacks put in a pretty average performance against Argentina but were always still going to win it. We left at about 75 minutes and I still don't think that I've watched a full game of rugby union yet. In saying that though, the game has seemed to change and is not the tedious kicking game that I remember it to be, so who knows? I think it's going to take quite a bit to convert me from a league to a rugby fan. For me, rugby just doesn't have the same pulsating intensity, stress, frustration and excitement that I like in the game of league when the Warriors take the field. Ok enough sports talk, here's what I wore. Self-made jersey dress, Comme Ca Ism scarf from Tokyo, leather bag from Taipei and Converse shoes. 

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