Sunday, 16 October 2011


If I had to pick my favourite street style photo from Seoul, then this would be it! Not only do I love her minimalistic style and her hair, but my favourite shots are always the ones where the person is as equally as cool as their style. There is a lot more to style than clothes and it's the person as much as their style that i remember when looking back at my photos whether it's one week or one month down the track. In Seoul, there were very few English words exchanged when photographing on the street, usually I would just get a smile and a nod which was cool but then you'd get the occasional person who somehow stands out from the rest.

This is Sonyejin who I met on our last day in Seoul. She was with her friend shopping in Hongdae when I saw her across the street waiting at the traffic lights. When I asked her for her photo using the Korean translation on my iPad and all my hand gestures that went with it, Sonyejin was really sweet and without any hesitation or even turning to her friend she just said "sure!" and gestured to her friend as if to say "let's go!" I really liked that, instead of the usual "turn to my friends to save me" response, I remember Sonyejin as being a very confident person who is comfortable with her style and was just totally cool with having her photo taken.


  1. I agree! I love this shot (perhaps to death) cos of her whole look, the military jacket juxtaposing with her soft curls. When I saw it on your tumblr, I wanted to reblog it but couldn't find the reblog button. Nevertheless, totally admire her look and from what you're written here, her self confidence! I am 19 as well and I think I would freeze up if I am ever caught in such a situation!

  2. Thanks Amanda! I'm glad you like the photo as much as I do! And I can understand about the freezing up thing, I guess people wouldn't usually go out thinking that they could get their photo taken so it could come as quite a surprise! Also, I'm looking into the Tumblr thing to make it easier for people to reblog :)