Saturday, 22 October 2011

Outfit | Boyfriend Style

Wore this out today. As usual, we didn't really plan our day, just wandered around, James ended up doing a bit of shopping and then we went for coffee and cakes. I'm wearing a boys shirt from Journal Standard in Tokyo, boyfriend jeans from Uniqlo, bag from Taipei, cuff from Tokyo and Converse shoes. 

Since we were in the area, we went to check out Maison Ikkoku Cafe and had coffee and cakes. The carrot cake was quite nice, it wasn't too sickening and had big chunks of crunchy walnuts throughout. The coffee however was bitterly disgusting (I'm sorry but I couldn't think of other words to describe it!), and it even did something weird to trigger off my asthma. I'm not sure what coffee beans they used or whether the coffee was just too over extracted, but I expected more after the reviews I read had really talked this place up. A lesson to me also to always carry my inhaler. It is not pretty when you can't breathe properly and your life saver is at home!

Below... the hustle and bustle of Haji Lane at about 2:30pm on a Saturday afternoon. Makes a clean backdrop for pictures if only there were people to photograph!

Compare this to say Hongdae (Seoul), or ShiDa (Taipei) at about the same time...

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