Thursday, 27 October 2011


I actually felt like knitting myself some sweaters over the weekend cos I knew I'd need them for Taipei going into Autumn. Yep, on a Saturday night all I wanted to do was some knitting! But, the cost of yarn in Singapore makes it hardly worth knitting anything more than a scarf, and it was hard enough finding a yarn shop let alone one that had a good range of natural fibres as opposed to the acrylics and artificial stuff. I know, I'm a bit of a natural material freak when it comes to clothing especially, I always check the labels and if it's not made of pure cotton, silk, merino or wool, then I'm not gonna part with good money for it.

Anyways, I stopped by at Uniqlo before we left and picked up these two knits made of 100% merino. They're so soft and light but probably not warm enough to wear on their own in Taipei. Might need to go buy some warmer chunkier knits to get me through the next month. Or maybe I'll go on a yarn hunt and do some knitting while I'm here! By the way, all settled into our wee apartment and loving the weather already. It's nice to feel cold again, nice to walk around without getting completely drenched in sweat and nice to be able to live without air-con for a change!

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