Saturday, 29 October 2011

Outfit | Autumn At Last

Finally I get to have an Autumn! Well, for a little while at least so I'm gonna make the most of it and get dressed in cozy knits, wear in my new jeans, wrap up in chunky scarves, dust of my leather boots that have been sitting around for the last 2 years and do everything else that comes with these cooler temperatures. And I say cooler as in compared to the unbearable heat and humidity in Singapore, I think most people back home in New Zealand would probably think I'm crazy thinking 20 degrees here is cold! I realise I talk about boring stuff like the weather a lot but this has been what I've been looking forward to the most about Taipei! I suppose you would have to live in Singapore to understand my excitement. Wore this out today to get photographs around Zhongxiao East Rd area. Wearing Uniqlo sweater, GAP jeans and Converse shoes. Back in the land of Converse!

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