Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tee Shirt For Japan

It's our last night in Tokyo and after spending 5 days here, it's hard to believe what actually hit Japan back in March. James and I had a meeting today with some Japanese people in Shibuya and they were talking about the effects of the earthquake and tsunami on the economy and also the recent power restrictions. Just walking around parts of Tokyo, we noticed things like a decrease in the use of air-con inside malls and trains, escalators weren't running, and a lot of neon lights around the city were switched off at night to conserve energy. 

It was a nice coincidence to receive an email tonight related to saving Japan so I thought it'd be fitting to share. Kris Van Assche in collaboration with Misericordia has designed an exclusive t-shirt for Japan. All profits will be used to support the relief efforts of the Japanese Red Cross and for their ongoing help to those affected by the tragic events of March 2011. The design of the t-shirt refers to a message from the designer himself "Hope & Love will Save us" and are exclusively available on thecorner.com from 4th July 2011.

Show your support and do your bit to save Japan, whether it's through making a purchase, donating, or even better, paying a visit to this wonderful country. They still need all the help they can get and I know for sure that we will be back soon! 

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