Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Outfit | Simple Green

Another really simple outfit. It's been a bit cooler the last two days which has made me realise how much it is actually the humidity that is the killer here and not the heat. Give us a dry burning sunshine heat any day and I'll be happy. Humidity is good for nothing! And I don't get why it seems to be so humid in Singapore and nowhere else in South East Asia is quite the same. Anyway, just gotta make do and I've resorted to wearing shorts out a lot. I'm gonna make myself a couple more pairs just because they're more do-able than pants right now. 

I'm wearing top and denim shorts from Tokyo, Converse shoes and bag from Taipei. I really feel I should get another decent bag but I'm so happy with this black one at the moment as it's always going to go with just about everything. Plus, it's leather and really big, so I can fit my camera and iPad in it as well as all the other unnecessary things I carry around. 

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