Saturday, 23 July 2011

Autumn Palettes

If we lived in a country that had seasons, then Autumn would have to be my favourite. I just love the autumn colours - the reds, the browns, the yellows and the oranges and in all these images, the colours are toned down but bold and stirking at the same time and they all work so well together. The first two pictures are taken from a pre-fall shoot with models Wang Xiao, Xiao Wen and Rila Fukushima in V magazine #72, Fall Preview 2011. The third is probably my favourite photo from The Sartorialist. I couldn't stop looking at this photo when I saw it, I love her style and she looks so at ease with everything. And I want her hair!

It's been one long summer for us and I've actually forgotten what it's like to be cold. I miss having seasons and sometimes wish that we could have spring, winter or autumn maybe just for a day or two. That would be nice. We are yet to find somewhere that has the perfect climate, changing seasons, temperatures ranging from about 20-25 degrees all year round and no humidity! Does a place even exist?

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