Saturday, 30 July 2011

So Young Kang

I started to put together an outfit inspiration post in Polyvore using lots of whites and neutral clothes and accessories but I decided to scrap that and go with this amazing editorial instead. These are my favourite looks from the "Getaway Chic" spread featuring Korean supermodel So Young Kang through the lens of Bolec. I love these shots, the lighting is great, the styling by Mirim Lee is sophisticated and minimal, and the colours are just what I feel like moving towards - more whites, creams, neutral nudes and browns. 

Source: Harper's Bazaar Korea, July 2011

It's also very exciting to see more and more Asian models being featured in the fashion media in their own countries but also popping up in all the Western Fashion capitals. They truely are starting to have a really strong presence in the fashion world, and whether you like it or not, the increased use and visibility of Asian models (both men and women) is definitely something more than just a trend.

"Times are changing, and I think fashion has to evolve as the world is changing. The increase in Asian models shows that there's a big market in China."

       - Jia Jing (in China Daily, March 2011)

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