Monday, 11 July 2011

Outfit | Leopard Black

Today's outfit for doing a quick dash into town to sell a guy my old camera lens! I don't often wear black during the daytime and especially not an all black outfit so I threw on the scarf to break it up a bit. I'm really not a huge fan of black. I think living in Singapore has put me off the colour to be honest, just because everyone here wears black and that's all you seem to see. It was actually quite different being in Tokyo where it was the complete opposite - hardly anyone wore black and the people who did, really stood out. But even then I don't think I saw anyone dressed in completely black outfits except for maybe the Goth-Lolita girls. To me it's more of an evening colour, a winter colour or the sort of colour you wear to a funeral. In a place where it's summer all year round, personally I feel more comfortable wearing whites, neutrals, and light colours.

I'm wearing a self-made asymmetrical dress, scarf from Tokyo, sheer blouse from a boutique in Singapore, bag from Taipei, Converse shoes and a DIY gold plated tooth necklace. With the necklace, I took a tooth from James' old topshop bracelet and guilded it using pure gold leaf. It's my favourite necklace to throw on as it goes with just about everything.

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