Sunday, 13 November 2011

Weekend Fever

Spent Saturday afternoon at a pretty cool bazaar called "Weekend Fever" which is held once a month in Ximending. Really glad we decided to go and it's cool to find things like this and just to know that there is always stuff happening in Taipei. I guess to most people, this is just your typical flea market and how a bazaar should be, but after living in Singapore for two years and constantly being disappointed with how badly flea markets and events turn out there, it's nice to go to something cool and actually be "wow'd" and quite overwhelmed by it all. Nice to see that everything is properly organised, the vendors actually care about the presentation of their stuff even though they are setting up on the ground, and it was nice to be able to pick out lots of people from the stylish crowd to photograph. Will be posting them up on StyleSophomore soon! Some quick snapshots...

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