Monday, 28 November 2011

On The Street... Hats In Taipei

I never used to photograph many people wearing hats for StyleStophomore and I think that was because a lot of the time, to me people don't really incorporate the hat into the rest of the outfit. Instead it looks as if they just throw any hat on as they walk out the door (I know that's probably not the case) but more times than not, the hat seems to detract attention from the rest of the outfit rather than compliment it. But, that all changed when we went to Taipei and I found myself photographing so many people with hats! 

Maybe my disliking for hats will change now. I love how these people are all wearing quite small neutral coloured hats that just top off the outfit and without them, it just wouldn't be complete. It's like you need the hat but at the same time it's not the main focus of the look. Missing Taipei already but 6 more weeks and we'll be back!

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