Saturday, 19 November 2011

Amber's Brunch

Another cafe in the Zhongxiao East Rd Sec 4 area which is where we hang out most days to get photographs. Amber's Brunch is on the corner of two little back streets and is a neat place to sit outside and have a quick bite or brunch. And if there was one thing we would go back here for time and time again, it would be their milkshakes! They're more like super thickshakes, the types that you sit on forever cos they are so thick that you need to wait for the ice cream to melt down a little. I had the orea milkshake and the shrimp pasta in white wine sauce, while James had the caramel vanilla milkshake and the BLT sandwich. And we've already been back there for milkshakes since I took these photos from the first time!

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