Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Paddington Garden

I was thinking about what I should post on my blog and then I remembered that I still have a million photos of cafes in Taipei that I still have to share. Ok well not that many but I still have a few that I'm going to spread out so that every now and then I can look back at them and feel that much closer to returning! This is Paddington Garden Cafe in Zhongxiao Dunhua and we went there quite a few times. This place was aways busy which is always a good sign that the food and price is spot on. It's a Tonkatsu and pancake cafe and they have quite a variety of stuff on the menu: sweet and savoury pancakes, pork cutlet sandwiches, udon noodle soups, omelette breakfasts, open sandwiches... 

We ordered the Cheese Croquette and Fried Pork Belly Sandwiches one night and then the Bacon & Cheese Omelette Breakfast when we went back there for Sunday brunch. There were so many things that I wanted to order at this place, you know when you're waiting for your food and everyone else around you is getting their food and you wished that you ordered what they got? That happened a lot! And I already know want I want to try next time and that's the Cheese Pot Pancakes which is a stack of pancakes drizzled, or should I say completely smothered, in a cheesey cheese sauce. You can tell I get excited when I think about food! Maybe I need to start up a food blog on the side. Anyways, great food and a great place that we will definitely go back to next time! And how cute are the pancakes with the logo burnt into them? What a neat idea!

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