Sunday, 6 November 2011

Outfit | Turtle Neck

Wasn't feeling on top of the world today, for the last week this cold has been threatening to knock me out, I really don't respond well to climate change. In fact, James has come to the conclusion that I'm just not good at traveling! Whether it's Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul or even even just travelling from the South Island of New Zealand to the North, I always manage to fall sick within the first few days of being there. So, been pretty much living on vitamin C tablets, panadol, herbal lozenges and copious amounts of green tea to get me through. We went to check out ShiDa today but quickly ended up back at Zhongxiao East Rd Sec 4, it's more our kind of place to hang out. Wearing a Uniqlo merino sweater and GAP jeans, leather bag from Taipei and Converse.

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