Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Taipei X Converse

Ok, it's obvious that I love Converse. In fact, coming to Taipei to live for a month with only 1 piece of carry-on luggage (and nothing else), I could only fit in a couple of pairs of shoes and it was an easy choice to bring both pairs of Converse sneakers. This is the land of Converse after all! And I even tried on a pair of hi-tops the other day and if they didn't make me look even shorter than I already am, then I would have definitely bought another! Can't ever get enough of them. They are the comfiest shoes ever and I reckon that everyone should own at least one pair of Converse no matter what. I think everyone in Taipei does and it's so cool seeing all the different styles, fabrics, embellishments and designs around. 

A couple of my favourite Converse shots taken for StyleSophomore. I'm naturally attracted to Converse shoes when people-watching on the streets so these ones were an obvious shot...

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