Saturday, 25 June 2011

Ho Chi Minh City Streets

Well, after 6 months of planning, my family couldn't make it across to South East Asia. The Chilean volcano decided to start spewing just days before their departure causing their flight to be cancelled out of New Zealand and their 2 week trip around Singapore, Ho Chi Minh and KL cancelled. But since James and I hadn't been to HCMC and since it's only a 1hr30min flight for us, we decided to go ahead with the trip without them.

Hadn't heard much about the city except that HCMC was quite a "modern" city. After spending three days there, I would say that HCMC is a bit of a mish-mash of old and new, but the "new" bits are far and few between. It's starting to develop though and give it another 50 years or so and it will probably be a modern city. 

Here's some streetsnaps from around the city that, to me, capture the essence of Ho Chi Minh. We have to be probably the worst travelers as all we seem to do when we go to new cities is seek out cafes, coffee shops and look around the boutiques. We did walk pass the War Remnants Museum and we walked through the Ben Thanh markets but we are really not interested in doing the touristy things. I mean they would be great if you are into history or if you want to pick up some "cheap and tacky tourist junk" as I read in one of the travel guides online, but just not for us. So, we just explored the city by foot and here's some of what I saw.

HCMC Eats in the next post!

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