Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Cool Cafe Culture

One thing that is really cool about Taipei, and I guess many people wouldn't associate with Taipei, is their cafe culture. We've spent a good chunk of our time here roaming around the back streets of ShiDa in the Daan District where there are a whole lot of little lanes lined with shops, food stalls and cafes. We also went out around Zhongxiao DunHua where it's a bit smaller but the same sort of atmosphere. While I'm sure there are plenty of touristy things to do in Taipei, we are quite happy just sitting in a cafe with some comfy chairs, a couple of drinks and maybe a plate of fries or an apple pie! It's relaxing just to sit back, people watch and just absorb everything that is happening around you.

I wish Singapore had more of a cafe culture and not just your typical chains such as Starbucks, TCC, The Coffee Bean, but more independant cafes. It's the independant cafes that make it special, each having their own character and style, the old shophouses, the ones that feel like you're walking into someone's house! 


  1. Check out this list of cafes in Singapore for a start! :)

  2. Cool thanks for the link, it's great! Have been to a few on the list but will definitely check out the others!