Sunday, 4 December 2011

New In: More Merino!

Been buying alot of stuff from Uniqlo lately and a great deal of it has been from their knitwear section. I think I'm just pretty excited about getting to experience changing seasons next year. So, these are the latest additions... black and grey merino wool sweaters. Sometimes I wonder whether I should check out other different stores for sweaters and other stuff that I can't make, but whenever I enter a mall, I naturally gravitate towards Uniqlo and it's probably the only high street store for me that doesn't let me down. And by this I'm talking in terms of workmanship of clothes, quality fabrics and affordable prices. Is anyone else as anal as me and picks up clothes to see what it is made of and whether seams are sewn neatly or necklines are symmetrical? I would like to know if I'm the only one!

I was actually in town today killing time in between meetings and I decided to go into H&M for the first time since it opened back in September. I was somewhat surprised to see the prices that people were paying for stuff that was made out of Acrylic, Polyamide, Viscoe and all the other artificial stuff. I guess people just aren't as concerned about those things, or maybe they've just got too much money. 

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