Monday, 23 May 2011

Boyfriend Fit

I recently bought these boyfriend-fit chinos and some boyfriend-fit straight jeans from UNIQLO but I haven't really worn them yet as I'm not sure whether they are quite right for me. I bought them 'cos it is so unbelievably hard to find pants that actually fit me, I have small/no hips which means that anything with a bit of shape just doesn't sit nicely. So when I tried these on, I was quite excited as they fitted perfectly! After all they really have no shape around the hips, are pretty much straight up and down and still have a kind of feminine fit. Still need to figure out how I would wear them though without looking short and frumpy.

Here are some looks taken from The Sartorialist where they've worked the "boyfriend pants" look. I like how they all look so effortlessly cool, casual and comfortable. I've always liked the photo of the girl knitting, love everything about her style - her thick hair, the bangs, the colours and tones of her clothes, the way she is sitting and I just like the overall composition of the photo. And of course you've got to be cool to be seen knitting in public these days.

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